Rei is the manager of the inn at the foot of the Reikenha Clan mountain.


Rei is a strong willed young woman, standing up to even to her father, the Chief of the Reikenha Clan; Oubu, an Elder; and Ouriku.

She can be quick to anger if provoked and does not hold back blows. This is seen when Oubu mocks her and challenges her to a duel.

Despite this, Rei does have an eye for spotting character and potential, and will go out of her way to pay back a debt or good deed.


Rei is a young woman with the appearance of roughly 20-30 years of age, though due to her association with the clan, is much older.

She has long blue hair and blue/emerald eyes

She tends to wear a pink kimono with a tan embroidery, a red sash/obi, and a pink bandana.

While her body looks thin and lacking in physical strength, Rei is one of the strongest martial artists in her clan.



Abilities & PowersEdit

Due to her childhood, Rei is unable to cultivate. To make up for this Rei underwent physical training and mastery of martial arts.

As a result, Rei is able to face off with other members of the clan like Oubu in a duel.

Rei has within her the Nine Tailed Fox, a creature that appeared during the beginning of the Mappo Age. This creature gives Rei a strong resistance to Ki attacks and possibly regeneration.

Rei is an incredibly strong martial artist.



Iemoto is Rei's father. While it is mentioned she is the daughter of the chief, it is not known if she is his biological father.


  • In the anime she is voiced by Nakamura Eriko.